November 29, 2021

Not Magazine is much more than a magazine!

It’s a link between news and readers, a link between fashion, beauty and culture.

The identity of the mag’ could be summarized in four words: reading, news, sharing and games!

Not Magazine was founded in June 2020 by two sisters Laetitia and Melissa Helfer.

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February 3, 2022

News, business, innovation, lifestyle, fashion, art…

FEAT-Y is the non-judgmental, non-conformist magazine that promotes the Green and ethical world.

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April 2022

Suresnes Mag is the monthly magazine distributed to all residents and businesses in the city of Suresnes.

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May 31, 2022

Boost your brand

accompanies and trains several hundred brands to help them in their development.

Its founder, Léa FALCOZ, interviewed Carole about her entrepreneurial experience with INADEA.

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June 22, 2022

Celine aka


is a blogger who distributes positive vibes to her community! Through her posts and articles, she gives us a smile and makes us think about different themes such as ethical fashion, natural beauty and travel!

We are delighted to discover that our

T-Shirt Gabriel

Crop Top Jade

Roxanne shirt

are part of his selection ” Coups de coeurLe-Prêt-à-Français” in particular alongside Purple, Alory, C-Bergamia, Marie-Cecile, Aldabra, Sevenlie, Tanasac, ALT, Atelier Kai and Native Paris.

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